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Your Website: Your Future

Business = Online

It's 2023. Your business cannot survive without an online component. Your customers want to research you, schedule with you, and buy from you directly online. This is basic "table stakes" at this point. Having a website is expected. It's not a novel curiosity.
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Be Found

Whether that is your core website, the ever-changing social media landscape or mobile apps, we get you conveniently found for your ideal customers.

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Look Your Best

State-of-the-art web technology using the latest standards coupled with the latest proven advancements in user-interface design gives you a contemporary and effective look.

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Be Fast

Customers want your website to be fast and easy to use. We can still make it look great while at the same time giving your customers what they want. You need to do this: your competition is just a click away.

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Take It Easy

Spend your time working on your business. Let your website be working for you. We take care of your security, backups, updates, and helping you leverage the latest technology.

About Green Bay Net

Dedicated to your business prosperity. We focus on value. We leverage best practices and the latest technology to boost your business efficiency and profitability.

Website Design

The most up-to-date best practices to make your information useful, beautiful, and search engine optimized! We optimize for all devices your profitable clients use.

WordPress & More

Using the industry standard tools to make your web experience great, we worry about the "tech stack" so that you don't have to. Whether it is JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, or React, we use the right tool for the job.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is useless if nobody can find it. We help you with the structure and strategy necessary to get your organization on the online map.

Online Marketing

From e-mail marketing to social media strategy, we can help you use proven techniques to meet your goals at the best budget possible.