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Green Bay Net is a full-service AI & web development agency that handles everything from your email address to your marketing website to complex applications.

Website Design

Beautiful Effective Best-Practices

We know what end-users want and need out of your website. Together, we can craft a website that will help you gain customers while being proud of the experience and asthetics.


Payment processing, carts, Features

E-commerce is an online world in itself. Over time, selling online has become extremely competitive, but we can help you leverage tools like WooCommerce to help you sell your products and services directly to your customers.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

Whether you know the tech buzzwords or not, we can help you leverage the best-practices that can provide great experiences for your best customers.


PHP, MySQL, Node Development

There are completely hidden aspects of nearly every website that run in the cloud. We can help you leverage these technologies to create complex applications to make your business more efficient.


Content Management Systems

Content tools like WordPress and Drupal can be leveraged to help you make complex online creations maintainable by you and your staff. By using these easily trainable tools, you can save on hiring expensive full-time developers. 


Complex web applications

Using systems like PHP/Laravel/Drupal/WordPress and JavaScript/Node/React we can tailor a custom solution for exactly your use case.


Everything is Mobile

From optimizing for mobile platforms like Android and iOS to creating custom native applications, we can help you achieve your on-the-go goals.


Search Engine Optimization

Informational and strategically high-functioning websites are worth far less if search engines like Google can’t find them. We utilize best-practices to help you achieve the ranking you deserve.


Secure Websites Updated

Ongoing updates and security patches keep your website running smoothly and help keep it free from hackers. This is often an overlooked aspect of developing a website.


UI/UX Design for Users

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design for improved usability by users. This enables higher profitability and customer satisfaction.


Quality Assurance and Testing

Another aspect of web development that is under-performed is up-front and ongoing testing of changes. It’s critical to make certain that changes to your website don’t break functionality and open security holes.


Multiple Security Services

Cyber-security is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry because of the proliferation of hostile hackers from around the globe. We take a holistic approach to securing your online presence.


Digital Marketing & Integration

Integrating marketing tools like email campaigns and analytics.


Strategy Consulting

We can help create an overall online marketing and operations strategy to cover all of your online needs.


Reporting of Analytics

Through industry standard reporting mechanisms like Google Analytics, we can safely and securely help you get the information you need to execute your online strategy.


Powerful Servers

Utilizing the best options in cloud storage and website delivery connected by “fat pipes”, we help make certain your website is lightning fast and has the uptime you expect.

Experience Matters

30 Years of Web

From custom applications to email marketing and more, we are happy to help you through every step of leveraging web and AI technology for your organization

Downtown Green Bay


When your customers are ready to buy, they go to a search engine (like Google). You need to give them a place to go that is optimized to be found by search engines.

Large Language Model (LLM) Artificial Intelligence tools are rapidly advancing. It’s important to utilize those tools in building your business. However, those tools alone can’t provide you the best-practices and experience you need to out-rank your competition.

Become Your Best Online

We have all the tools to help you craft a profitable online presence. We have the experience to allow you to leapfrog your competition and avoid pitfalls.